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After working in the recruiting industry for nearly a decade, Shannon Hines knew it was time for a change. She was ready to create a firm that exemplified active integrity, empathy, and a commitment to client and candidate honesty.

Shannon took the plunge! Her only capital being her trusted network she had built over her ten years in the recruiting industry. The most important key to success is to develop and maintain genuine relationships. As a result, MTC, which originally began as SRLH Consultants was off with a bang! Shannon was thrilled at the early success she found shortly after going out on her own.

However, as life is apt to do, all did not go according to plan…

Less than four months after the creation of MTC, Shannon was hospitalized due to a flu, that quickly escalated into acute respiratory distress syndrome, and she nearly died. I’ll let you do the Google search, but her life was only saved due to a tremendous medical technology called ECMO [Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, also known as extracorporeal life support].

Shannon was suspended in a medical coma for nearly a month while her lungs recovered. When she awoke, she had been given a tracheotomy, and could not speak, or walk. Shannon could not recognize her loved ones, and had no sense of reality or memory of why she had been hospitalized.

Gratefully, due to an amazing, and miraculous team of medical professionals at Legacy Emanuel in Portland, Oregon, Shannon was able to recover significantly quicker than was predicted. She regained her memories, her voice, and her ability to walk over the course just a few months.

It was during the time that Shannon was hospitalized that MTC made it’s very first candidate placement. Her wife, Melissa, knew the importance of this, and wanted to help make Shannon’s new business and dream come to fruition. While Shannon was in a medical coma, Melissa contacted Shannon’s candidates and client, and explained the situation. She was then able to guide the remainder of the process and place MTC’s first candidate.


It was a true blessing to Shannon to learn that her first placement had been made while she was in a coma! It was at that moment, that Shannon’s beloved wife also became her business partner and co-founder of MTC, Melissa Hartwick-Hines.





Evolved Recruiters dedicated to
organic talent acquisition. We build
long lasting relationships with
candidates and clients who are
committed to being part of a
progressive, pro-human workforce.

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  • Candidates exist in our personal networks

  • Heavy referral based reach for acquiring candidates and clients


  • Career Opportunities with Pro-Human Companies

  • Career Opportunities that Lead with Empathy, and Emotional Intelligence


  • We offer clarity about the best way to provide talent solutions. 

  • We are interested in long-term, not just here & now


  • Fair & Reasonable Placement Fees.

  • Fixed Fee and Customer Appreciation Reward Options


We love what we do...and so do others

“Shannon is a true professional in every sense of the word. One of her greatest strengths is her willingness to listen. She takes the time to understand team culture as well as technical requirements and takes that into account before submitting candidates. Her communication always hits the mark -- getting the clarity she needs to do her job while respecting my busy schedule. I’m happy to work with Shannon and will continue to do so now and into the future.”


“Shannon has made a big impact on helping us find talented and passionate engineers. Every submission is well-curated so that we can make an informed decision. We appreciate her urgency and ability to take feedback on candidates. I couldn't be happier with the partnership!”


Shannon is a charismatic, diligent and authentic recruiting professional who is above all transparent and honest in her engagements. I have had the fortune of working with her from the perspectives of a jobseeker as well as employer (as manager of a software development team) and I can attest to the consistent and concerted efforts she applies on both sides, coming from a place of integrity, focus and collaboration. I am confident that Shannon would be an asset to anyone seeking to further their professional career in IT, or any company looking to find talent that will add both cultural and business value to their IT organization.


Shannon is a world class recruiter. She is dedicated and passionate about finding the right fit in a very competitive market.  Her attention to detail is second to none and the recruiting process is very efficient. I highly recommend working with her and hope to do so again in the future!


Melissa recruited me for a fantastic role that I love. From her first question, till long after I was hired, it was obvious that she has genuine care for those she is working with and represented my interests accurately to my (now) employer. The process could not have been smoother, thanks Melissa!


I have had my best experience in the job market with Melissa and Shannon. They found me my dream job and made the process so easy.They are absolute professionals. In the software engineering world, a good service keeps all of its implementation and complexity encapsulated and away from the user.. all the user needs from a particular service is a correct and accurate result..

I can certainly relate to this concept outside of the software world by my experience with Melissa and Shannon.
I’m lucky to have worked with these two amazing human beings. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that would like to experience a truly professional process and find the perfect job.





Senior Full Stack Engineer

We are looking for Full Stack Developers to produce scalable software solutions. You'll be part of a  cross - functional team that is responsible for the full software development cycle, from conception through deployment.

  • Work with development teams and product managers to ideate software solutions

  • Design client-side and server-side architecture

  • Build the front-end of applications through appealing visual design

  • Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications

  • Write effective APIs

  • Test software to ensure responsiveness and efficiency

  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade software

  • Create security and data protection settings

  • Build features and applications with a mobile responsive design

  • Write technical documentation

  • Work with data engineers and analysts to improve software

  • Experience creating automated unit tests

  • Experience with Web-Service (REST) frameworks

  • Strong understanding of object-oriented design principles & patternsand experience writing enterprise level multi-tiered business apps

  • Solid understanding of MySQL, PostgreSQLORMs

  •  Java, .Net, Python, C++ (or other programming) 

  • Cloud experience (AWS or Azure)

  • Solid understanding of HTTP (headers, protocol, verbs, etc)

  • JavaScript experience

  • Solid understanding of SPA (React, Angular 2+)

  • Modern CSS & HTML Proficiency

  • UI & User Design

 Staff Engineer

Own highly complex problems that span multiple teams across one or more organizations 

•Drive long-term solutions across teams and software leadership

•Work with development teams and product managers to manage project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables

•Identify opportunities to develop new and better solutions

•Interact directly with business customers to gather and understand requirements

•Consistently contribute to solving organization-wide problems

•Evaluate existing applications to refactor, update and add new features

•Anticipate and address technical and organizational obstacles

•Provide guidance for technical design and architecture decisions within and across teams •Participate in the evaluation and selection of new technologies

•Develop applications and services using the right tool for the job

•Champion code quality including unit and integration testing

•Conduct functional and non-functional testing

•Troubleshoot and debug applications

•Deliver high-quality and scalable architecture designs and code

•Ensure consistency across teams

 Director Of Sales

● Hire, train and manage team. 

● Establish best practices, tools and processes for lead follow up and outbound prospecting

● Work with the Sales and Marketing teams to establish a systemic approach's to align with sales goals & marketing initiatives

● Collaborate regularly with sales leaders & continually improve approach to maximize SQLs

● Develop hiring plan and development plan to maintain high level of talent

● Lead, coach, mentor, and develop sales talent for SaaS technology companies

Software Development Manger

•Hire and maintain a distributed team

•Plan and execute long- term strategies that benefit your team and the product

•Understand Engineering KPIs and seek to improve them

•Conduct interviews for job candidates, providing an excellent candidate experience

•Generate and implement process improvements, especially cross-team processes

•Hold 1:1s with team managers & engineers, providing regular positive and constructive feedback

•Oversee planning and team collaboration within product groups

•Facilitate Product, Quality, and UX performance 

•Foster psychological & emotional safety on your team(s)



We would love to hear from you

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